Google 1st Page Organic Solutions

20 basic requirements for any website or online store who is dreaming to be present on google first page.
Organic Way

Google 1st Page Requirements

Domain name has at least 1 year old

Brand New domain name (never used before) needs 3 to 12 months to be well known by the search engines.

Whitelisted Domain name

Make sure that your domain name is not blacklisted for any reason that prevent indexing your links.

Whitelisted Server Ip

Verify your Server IP address using trusted authority websites and Dns checker, if the IP is blacklisted or not.

Google Ownership Verification

Build the confidense between you and Google by verifying your website ownership by installing a code to your head section.

Google Webmaster & Analytics account

Connect your website with Google search console and Google analytics, to use all google free index and tracking services.

Bing Ownership Verification

Build the confidense between you and Bing by verifying your website ownership and installing a code to your head section.

Bing Webmaster Account

Connect your website with Bing webmaster, to use all bing free keywords research, index and tracking services.

Google & Bing Business Page

Highlt recommended for Any business with a phisical address to create your business profile on Google and Bing.

Pro Sitemap xml

Create a Pro links and images google sitemap xml and submit it to Google/bing. Its free.

Pro Meta Tags

Generate a pro meta tags content for every page. including title, description and keywords. and avoid duplication.

Open Graph

Create a correct open-graph for google, facebook, twitter, onevery page of your website.

Website Mobile Friendly

Make sure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly, to appear on mobile phones.

Web page Optimization

No need to be a Seo person to do some basic optimization on every page of your website.

Smart Business Planing

Compress, resize and optimize all my images. to help your page to load fast. Convert images to Webp format is a plus.

Images Atribute

Check for missing images atribute. to get more chances to appear on images search engines.

Broken Links

Check for broken links on every page of your website, and fix it or remove it, to avoid unindexing links.

404 Page

Create a 404 page with more links and information to go back to the homepage. This also increase your website hits.

Htaccess & robots txt pages

Very important to create a htaccess and robots txt if it doesn't exist. To control the access to your site.

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